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How Orion Electrotech streamlined their recruitment workflows using SourceBreaker's intuitive boolean search functionality


With over 35 years of experience in the sector, Orion Electrotech provides specialist recruitment services to a wide range of industries on an international scale — even going as far as to design and provide clients with a range of Managed Service Programmes (MSPs) to ensure organisations meet their goals and project requirements. As of 2023, Orion Electrotech manages the acquisition, recruitment, and placement of permanent and contractor personnel every year, catering to most sectors; from Life Sciences and IT to Finance, Construction, and many more.


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Life Sciences, IT, Finance, Construction, Rail

How has SourceBreaker helped Orion Electrotech optimise its business strategies?

By streamlining their recruitment workflows and leveraging the platform’s intuitive boolean search functionality, Orion Electrotech has revolutionised the way their recruiters collaborate and upskill, placing a particular focus on maximised efficiency and effective time management.

“SourceBreaker is an amazing tool for quickly building a database.” –  Kate Gallagher

Which SourceBreaker features work best for Orion Electrotech?

Despite Orion’s own well-established database, SourceBreaker has exponentially enhanced the volume and quality of its candidate pools and therefore the candidates available for placements.


Moreover, before SourceBreaker, Orion recruiters used to operate on a manual drag-and-drop basis with individual CVs but thanks to the platform’s Vincere integration, users can easily add, view, and share candidates with ease and at no additional time cost.

SourceBreaker as a solution to…

Recruitment headaches, because SourceBreaker is the ultimate solution for comprehensive tech stacks, cost-efficiency, and combatting unproductive processes.

Driving Efficiency & Productivity

SourceBreaker’s automation and machine learning has enabled the recruiters at Orion to focus on high-priority tasks, rather than spending time on tedious job board searches, cold communications, and market research – all of which have resulted in increased efficiency and productivity.

Optimised Onboarding & Customer Success

Dedicated to providing unparalleled customer support and guidance to SourceBreaker users, Orion Electrotech benefited from our customer success team who are always on hand to ensure you’re utilising our platform to its full potential. Unlike other tech providers, SourceBreaker’s commitment to ensuring the success of partners is at the forefront of our services.

Streamlined Tech Stacks

With real-time access to all the features from any device with an internet connection, everything you’ll ever need in your day-to-day workflows will be in one convenient location. By offering a unified platform complete with a range of valuable recruitment tools and software, SourceBreaker has eliminated Orion Electrotech’s need to purchase multiple technology licenses and instead allows their team(s) to maximise productivity using just one tool.

Would Orion Electrotech Recommend SourceBreaker?

Within the first few weeks, all new rookie recruiters are up-to-date with how to use SourceBreaker and are continuously supported by their customer support manager, praising James for his hands-on approach to training and continuous upskilling.

Revolutionise Your Recruitment Workflows

Looking for a way to revolutionise your recruitment workflows and maximise productivity, organisation, and efficiency? Look no further than SourceBreaker!


With SourceBreaker, you can access a wider pool of potential hires, leverage AI-powered opportunity matching to monetise every candidate relationship, and use automation technology to revolutionise your recruitment workflows.


But that’s not all – SourceBreaker also offers a host of other valuable features to help you succeed. With the platform’s intuitive and visually appealing interface, you can easily access and use all of the features at your fingertips.


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