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How SourceBreaker Gets Rookies up to Speed Faster, Gives Senior Consultants More Time to Sell and Uncovers Candidates Hidden in Bullhorn


Founded in 2000, Premier Group an IT, Engineering and Digital recruitment firm use SourceBreaker to boost their success in being the first to source candidates and clients across their UK and US offices.

"The ROI with SourceBreaker has been amazing. In our first year of using the platform, we had over 30x ROI from the initial investment. Additionally, over the last quarter, we can attribute the success of over 25% of our placements – be that from the candidate side or the client side – to SourceBreaker. For us, across all the technology we’re utilising, SourceBreaker far outweighs everything else."

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IT, Engineering and Digital

Premier Group Key Statistics:

●  Over 95% of Premier Group’s staff use SourceBreaker on a daily basis
●  SourceBreaker has led to an average annual increase of £15-20k per consultant
●  30x ROI on SourceBreaker
●  25% of the company’s placements are directly attributable to SourceBreaker

How have Premier Group leveraged SourceBreaker to maximise productivity?

Premier Group leveraged SourceBreaker initially to help get rookies up to speed faster, give senior consultants more time to sell and uncover candidates hidden in Bullhorn.

Which features are most notable for Premier Group?

With ambitious growth goals for the business, Premier Group was looking for a way to deliver quality candidates faster than other agencies in their market sector.

Premier Group invested in SourceBreaker, which uses automation and artificial intelligence to uncover hidden candidates that Premier’s consultants previously missed with their previous search workflows.

SourceBreaker as a solution to…

A series of recruitment-orientated struggles but most importantly:

Running Better – and Faster – Searches

Recruiters can now run better searches faster across multiple candidate sources, finding placeable profiles ahead of their competition. The SourceBreaker platform is embedded in their core workflows, allowing them to outperform competitor agencies by finding and placing candidates more quickly.


“Prior to using SourceBreaker we had a lot of different systems running separately, meaning that the consultants had more time in their day wasted that could be spent selling. Since SourceBreaker came on board it’s been really good to have everything all under one roof with a single sign-on.”

Reducing a Rookie Consultant’s First Deal Timescale

Premier Group found that when trainee consultants were coming into the business, it was taking a lot of time from both the senior leadership team and also trainers in the company to really get consultants up to speed in terms of understanding their marketplace and being able to find the correct candidates for the



SourceBreaker has managed to turn that on its head. The senior consultants can pass down information very quickly through the platform and the turnaround time in terms of rookie consultants finding good candidates in the market place has been reduced dramatically.


SourceBreaker was a factor in reducing rookie consultants’ first deal timescale from 6.2 weeks to 3.4. Premier Group believes that’s mainly down to the implementation of the SourceBreaker’s AI-driven searching, allowing new hires to understand the candidate marketplace a lot more quickly and easily.

Would Premier Group recommend SourceBreaker?

SourceBreaker has made hiring consultants faster and lower-risk, with a reduced time-to-bill and an improved ability for experienced recruiters to share effective searches and processes with new hires.


“SourceBreaker gives us more access to candidates in the marketplace that we couldn’t find normally.”


This has helped the business grow more quickly and with increased confidence, Premier Group rolled out SourceBreaker across six different sites, creating a centralised way of working that better distributed market opportunity and internal expertise across distributed teams.

Ready To Accelerate Speed To Market?

Implementing SourceBreaker created measurable improvements across multiple key business areas for Premier Group, accelerating speed to market and increasing overall recruiter revenue generation – resulting in an overall 30x ROI on the initial investment.

Discover what you’re missing out on and see what SourceBreaker has to offer you today.


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