How technology recruitment start-up Primis unlocked rapid scale and achieves a 12x monthly ROI by reducing time-to-revenue for rookie hires, and enabling their seniors to bill more


Primis was founded in 2021 by Ben Broughton, following a hugely successful career building international technology staffing teams as Managing Director of Premier Group. With ambitious growth plans from the outset, Primis has expanded rapidly across the UK and US, serving a base of fast-paced technology clients across DevOps, Engineering, Data & Analytics, QA, Architecture, Digital and Senior Leadership.

"What sets SourceBreaker apart is the engagement – 100% of our employees use it every single day, and 44% of the placements we make come from SourceBreaker"
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Ben Broughton

Founder | Primis


United Kingdom & United States




Technology & Digital

Primis Key Statistics:

●  44% of Primis’ placements come from SourceBreaker
●  100% of Employees Use it Daily
●  12x Monthly ROI

How have Primis leveraged SourceBreaker to maximise productivity?

With a growth strategy built around hiring rookie recruiters with no previous industry experience, Primis needed a way to quickly and effectively engage new hires and get them up to speed contributing to revenue as fast as possible.


They were also looking for a way to allow new recruits to learn from their experienced peers across the business, by seeing successful consultants in action and having access to their work to pick up tips, tricks and best practices.

Which features are most notable for Primis?

SourceBreaker gave Primis a platform that shaped and drove the way new hires not only learned the recruitment workflow, but structured their daily tasks. Integrating seamlessly with their Vincere CRM and third-party job boards, the SourceBreaker platform gave consultants a single place from which to run their processes.

SourceBreaker as a solution to…

Reducing costs, ramping up rookie training, and improving recruitment workflows; as well as:

Effectively Engage & Train New Hires

“One of the biggest advantages of SourceBreaker is being able to get new consultants up to speed,” explains Broughton. “It gives them a technology that will allow them to source the best candidates quickly and effectively. On top of that, they learn from other consultants who are more experienced in the business and see the searches that they run.


“For anybody looking to grow or scale a business, it helps bring new people into the organisation so effectively and easily. It also integrates perfectly with your tech stack, which keeps your consultants engaged in the same platform, and demonstrates massive ROI from the get-go.”

Improving Organisation & Prioritisation

The platform also gives them a strong daily structure – they come in the morning, they go to SourceBreaker, they look at their leads and new candidates. Being able to scale the business by giving rookies a tech platform they can use that allows them to learn their markets and the industry under one roof – it’s just incredible. That’s the biggest ROI for us.”


Primis has been able to rapidly scale headcount, surpassing the 20-head mark inside 6 months of trading. Consultants can build automated workflows with SourceBots alerting them daily to new leads as well as high-quality candidates new to the market.


This accelerated learning curve has been vitally important in ensuring that new recruits into the organisation bed in fast and start to generate profit to continue growth: one of Primis’ rookie recruiters even made a $50,000 USD placement within 5 weeks of starting their new role.


“ROI for us is about 12x on the monthly spend – and it’s not just rookies, even senior people in the business use the platform on a daily basis. It’s by far the highest ROI across the tech platforms that we use.”

Cost-Effective Technology & ROI

As Primis scales, a key objective is to manage budget effectively and ensure that technology spend is generating a return across all tools and subscriptions. Broughton was keen to find a solution that would not just add to costs, but unlock greater ROI and efficacy from existing technology spend.


SourceBreaker’s integration with the wider Primis tech stack – in particular Vincere CRM and job boards – has enabled the business to both increase and accurately measure ROI from end to end.


“Because of SourceBreaker’s integrations, we know we’re not losing data anywhere – it’s all going to be contained in one ecosystem. Consultants can be working in SourceBreaker, adding candidates to Vinny from job boards, adding leads to Vinny from SourceBreaker, and stay in one platform,” explains Broughton.


“Even when we’re using a credit to download a candidate CV from a job board, we can see that the number of candidates we’re downloading and paying for are actually ending up in the database because we can track that data – which means we can easily track ROI on our job board subscriptions.”


“Being able to do the client piece, candidate piece and business development and then keep that data on your CRM – it’s the dream.”

Would Primis recommend SourceBreaker?

Since the platform has assisted Primis in scaling its headcount fast, while building a durable foundation to continue growing teams across the UK and US markets; it is definitely a tool that comes recommended by the whole business.


“The Customer Success team at SourceBreaker is one of the best in the industry. The thing I love the most about it is that it’s ongoing support. It’s not just ‘here’s the product, off you go and use it.’ There are constant follow-ups, monthly and quarterly meetings and ROI reviews, and for new starters we have weekly training and onboarding sessions. That’s meant that even as we grow with new users, there’s still a high level of adoption.”


Primis has also been fully supported by SourceBreaker’s Customer Success team, who work actively with the business as part of a long-term partnership to enable ongoing growth..

Maximise Impact & Revenue with SourceBreaker

SourceBreaker provides a central interface for the core recruitment workflow, adding value across the process and using advanced technology to automate and accelerate recruiter outputs – resulting in a 12x ROI monthly on the SourceBreaker investment.


“The ROI is so high with SourceBreaker because it has two revenue-generating streams – it’s not just generating revenue by giving us leads and jobs to chase in the market, but it’s also allowing us to get to the best candidates in the market quicker and before our competitors,” adds Broughton.

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