Suggested for anyone looking to optimise their recruitment efforts, SourceBreaker has proven to be a game-changer for ResourceBank.



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Professional Services, Retail & Distribution, Technology, Engineering, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Housing.

How has ResourceBank used SourceBreaker to optimise its business strategies?

Using the best available technology is an important part of optimising business strategies, and it seems that SourceBreaker has played a key role in this for ResourceBank.


The platform’s capability to merge multiple job boards in a single location and its automation features have been notably helpful in managing routine tasks and saving time, enabling recruiters to focus on more value-adding tasks like candidate engagement.

Which SourceBreaker features work best for ResourceBank?

Overall, it seems that the speed, timesaving, proactive recruitment features, and ease of use of the platform have been the biggest benefits for ResourceBank.

Proactive, not Reactive Recruiting

The platform’s automation features, most notably SourceBots, have allowed recruiters to streamline their processes and save time on tasks such as sourcing and candidate outreach. SourceBreaker’s ability to generate a continuous influx of candidates and access a wider pool of potentially hidden candidates has allowed ResourceBank to be more proactive in its efforts to find and place the right candidates.

Modern, High-Quality & Intuitive UI

ResourceBank found that the modern and intuitive user interface of SourceBreaker has greatly enhanced their recruitment experience. The visually appealing design is a refreshing departure from traditional, outdated job boards and has made the platform a pleasure to use.


The high-quality design extends beyond aesthetics and into the simple but useful functionality of the platform as well, with user-friendly features and seamless navigation.

One Centralised Touch-Point

As a recruiter, having access to top-quality search results is essential to finding the right candidates for your open positions. That’s why SourceBreaker boasts extensive integrations with industry-leading CV databases and CRMs to provide users with the best possible search results from all of their sourcing platforms.

Unrivalled Customer Support & Training

The Customer Success team and the newly launched SourceBreaker Academy have been identified as key factors in the success of ResourceBank’s adoption of the platform.


By allowing recruiters to learn at their own pace and fully understand the capabilities of the platform, the SourceBreaker Academy has played a crucial role in driving tech adoption and improving the overall effectiveness of the recruitment team.

We Come Recommended By ResourceBank

Suggested for anyone looking to optimise their recruitment efforts, the platform has proven to be a game-changer for ResourceBank. By providing unparalleled speed and time-saving capabilities that have greatly improved efficiency and success, SourceBreaker has proven to be a game-changer for their team(s).

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