How Rullion have leveraged SourceBreaker for 300% annual ROI and 50% more uncovered candidates


At Rullion Recruitment, people are the heart of the business, and the company's values reflect that. Believing that true business success is measured in more than just profit and that people are their greatest asset, Rullion invests in finding, developing, and retaining recruiters who are clever, committed, and critical to their success. Boasting over 200 employees, Rullion is large enough to get things done but small enough to be agile, innovative, and personal with its clients.

“Investing in a [RecTech] tool isn’t the challenge, it’s the investment in the implementation but with SourceBreaker that isn’t an issue.”
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Lindsay Harrison

Chief Customer Officer | Rullion


United Kingdom




Engineering, Utilities, IT, Nuclear, Construction/High End Builds

Rullion Key Statistics

300% Annual ROI

50% more uncovered candidates when using SourceBreaker

5 Days for CV Submission reduced to 3.5 Days

Why did Rullion leverage SourceBreaker?

With a principal focus on scalability and growth, Rullion initially leveraged SourceBreaker to supercharge their searches, introduce efficient workflows, and maximise productivity. The internal conversation about licensing SourceBreaker to the point of adoption took only three months, with Lindsay Harrison (Rullion CCO) leading the change towards scalability and believing our platform was one of the best ways to do this.

SourceBreaker as a solution to…

Rullion Recruitment understands that attracting the best recruiters is essential to their success, that’s why they’ve partnered with SourceBreaker to maximise recruiter output, uncover hidden candidates, and reveal a steady influx of business opportunities.

Top-tier Boolean Searches for Efficient Sourcing

Hailing SourceBreaker as the most efficient way of sourcing high-quality candidates at volume and from various job boards or CRM systems, efficiency was Rullion’s primary priority and leveraging it has allowed their recruiters to operate at full capacity – empowering them to set up and execute shareable boolean searches without exhaustive training.

Maximum Tech Adoption & Driving Success

As a huge advocate for delighting the customer and providing excellent customer service, Lindsay Harrison extended her praise for not only the wider SourceBreaker team but also Rullion’s dedicated Customer Success Manager who has remained on hand to educate, update, and assist their team(s).


Believing that companies should always exceed expectations and conjure evocative feelings of belonging, the team at Rullion have extensively commended SourceBreaker’s urgent, human, and swift communication skills as it assisted in ensuring a successful implementation and driving tech adoption.

Supercharged, Collaborative Recruitment

The cultural benefits of SourceBreaker are immeasurable but evident, with individual recruiters continuously raving about the platform’s capabilities with one another – promoting a more collaborative approach to recruitment. The magic of SourceBreaker seemingly includes how quick and easy it is to teach new rookie recruiters to optimise their strategies and workflows; in fact, Rullion stated it’s clear that the platform’s design positions the user at its core and its functionality really drives that point home.

Customer-Centric UI & Easy-to-Use RecTech

Intuitive, easy-to-use, and powerful, SourceBreaker has dramatically impacted the way Rullion recruiters source, attract, and engage prospective candidates. By delivering an easy-to-use, convenient, and efficient platform like SourceBreaker, the teams instantly witnessed the benefits of the solution themselves which in turn drove internal tech adoption and made it easier to onboard recruiters.

Earning a Competitive Edge with Adaptable SourceBots

As each individual recruiter is trained to independently run SourceBots when searching for candidates, their team has been able to realign how their time is used – enabling everyone to concentrate their time on value-generating tasks like candidate-facing exchanges as opposed to sitting around sourcing candidates but instead leaving the bots to execute the tedious tasks


By using Sourcebots, one of the platform’s most popular automation tools, Rullion was able to effectively leverage artificial intelligence to acquire and maintain a competitive edge – generating a steady influx of candidates and job leads and asserting themselves as key players in the recruitment arena.

Would Rullion recommend SourceBreaker?

Rullion reports that SourceBreaker has helped the company revolutionise its recruitment process, streamlining the candidate search and identification process to a significant degree. The platform’s AI-powered features have enabled Rullion’s recruiters to quickly and easily identify top talent for their clients, resulting in a more efficient and effective recruitment process.


“It’s intuitive, easy to use, it’s the future…”

– Lindsay Harrison

SourceBreaker Practically Implements Itself

Described as intuitive, easy-to-use, and the future, SourceBreaker doesn’t require the investment into tech adoption that other recruitment technologies on the market do. Instead of an entire IT team needed to ensure a smooth implementation, Rullion successfully implemented the tool within three months of their initial conversation and were supported every step of the way


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