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How Tech Connect optimise their business strategy and attribute 36% of their placements to SourceBreaker


A leading recruitment, networking and investment company operating across Engineering and Future Technology markets, Tech Connect Group specialises in exceptional candidate placement and opportunity generation. With a combined 30 years of engineering and technology recruitment experience, Tech Connect Group was founded in 2020 by Geoff Fairgrieve, Kevin Mundy and Joe Collins.


Southampton, United Kingdom




Automotive, Motorsport, Aerospace & Defence

“Going through the fills that we’ve had over the past quarter, 36% of these have come through from SourceBreaker.”

How Tech Connect leveraged SourceBreaker to optimise their business strategies

SourceBreaker’s keyword ontology is ideal because it automatically targets various synonyms and related keywords, instantly padding up searches originally built with as little as one keyword sometimes.


Moreover, with the improved boolean search functionality, Tech Connect have sourced better high-quality candidates and generated high-value placements for them.


While there are still challenges, they’ve identified a significant improvement in their searches thanks to SourceBreaker which has enabled them to provide their candidates with better opportunities.

Which SourceBreaker features work best for Tech Connect?

Through the deployment of SourceBots and the combination of recruitment tools on the platform, Tech Connect were able to achieve a ROI within the first three placements and within only 1-2 weeks. The automated alerts and search capabilities also save recruiters time daily as they’re ready to go as soon as the business day starts.

SourceBreaker as a solution to…

Enabling recruiters to do their best, equipped with some of the best and most current recruitment technology.

Accelerated Search Functionality

Traditionally, recruiters tend to follow the path of least resistance and use only one keyword with a few other variations but with SourceBreaker, they’re automatically matched with extra keywords in addition to any associated terms or phrases.


Combined with the radius map feature, Tech Connect can put a particular focus on visually searching for roles in rural areas and identifying their location in relation to the candidates that need placing.


Because conventional maps are slightly abstract, it’s not always easy to pinpoint whether or not specific areas are included in a candidate’s preferred radius or even a company’s, that’s why SourceBreaker’s radius map feature has proved considerably helpful for Tech Connect.

Automated Alerts & Insights

Thanks to SourceBreaker’s Intel Centre, Tech Connect can make informed decisions and approach both candidate or company with more credibility.


When used in tandem with SourceBots specifically tailored to align with a candidate’s wants and needs, it positions the recruitment firm as a knowledgeable expert across multiple markets.

Gaining a Competitive Edge with Adaptable SourceBots

Reported to be Tech Connect’s favourite feature, SourceBots are used across the company and by almost every department – with employees checking their SourceBot results first thing in the morning.


They claim the adaptability of the SourceBots is key to gaining a competitive edge as they enable recruiters to assess client requirements ahead of time due to the market insights from the Intel Centre and then build SourceBots in advance.


While there are still a few candidates who can be found on public job boards, the majority of candidates generated by SourceBreaker are hidden candidates that would have otherwise been missed.

Cultivate a Positive Culture with SourceBreaker

At Tech Connect, management are dedicated to cultivating a culture of time-effectiveness and efficiency and SourceBreaker has reportedly assisted them in exceeding their goals.


In fact, the platform’s accessibility allows them to train new starters on the most simple boolean searches, how to build SourceBots, and immediately introduce them to SourceBreaker once they’ve been onboarded.

Rookie Recruiter Ramp-up

As a business who values transparency as part of their ethos, Tech Connect believes it’s important to invest in and listen to your staff members to align your culture with both recruiters and candidates – and an important way to do this is through personal and professional development.


SourceBreaker search capabilities enable senior recruiters to lead accelerated searches and train rookies without the fear of the results being impacted by accidental mistakes or rookie errors.

How can SourceBreaker benefit your agency or enterprise?

Interested in accelerated searches? Improved placements? Or even just streamlining your recruitment processes?


Then find out how SourceBreaker can add value to your recruiters and enable them to maximise productivity.


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