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How Tiro Partners leverage SourceBreaker to maximise productivity and grow revenue


Tiro Partners are a specialist global staffing agency dedicated to sourcing - and placing - only the best candidates in exceptional permanent and contract roles within the IT and Engineering Sectors. Currently comprising 14 employees and continuously growing, Tiro’s adoption of SourceBreaker over the last 6 years has been overwhelmingly successful; with Tiro Co-Founder, Paul Conaghan, attributing their high fill ratio to the powerful ‘tech suite we’re using.’

"Without SourceBreaker, life would be painful"
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Paul Conaghan

Co-Founder | Tiro Partners


London, United Kingdom




Engineering & IT

Tiro Partners Key Statistics:

● 200% ROI

Leveraging SourceBreaker to maximise productivity

Having initially used SourceBreaker during their trial period, employees at Tiro found themselves maximising productivity and ROI but not as much as they had hoped; partially due the learning curve associated with transitioning away from traditional recruitment methods.


However, their break would be relatively short as they returned only a few months later, citing that the hidden opportunities and candidates SourceBreaker was sourcing for them were evidently scarce in their absence.


Now – after returning to the SourceBreaker platform equipped with the tech and the knowledge – Tiro continues to maximise ROI, cut costs, and save time at every stage of the recruitment process. Hailing SourceBreaker as “100% quicker than any other technology,” Tiro’s continuous leveraging of the SourceBreaker platform has benefited them significantly; especially its candidate generation capabilities and the LinkedIn chrome extension.

Which features are most notable for Tiro Partners?

Praising everything from SourceBreaker’s intuitive, easy-to-navigate UI and centralised insight centre to time-saving automations and mass integrations, Tiro Partners believe SourceBreaker to be a tool of the future – capable of short-circuiting the monotony of the repetitive, tedious tasks associated with recruitment.

SourceBreaker as a solution to…

A variety of different problems within the recruitment world but most notably:

Saving Time & Money

Not only are results praised for being rapid and delivered in real-time but the ability to source high-quality candidates and discover their contact details at the click of a button is an indispensable feature.


Due to SourceBreaker’s capabilities, recruiters can spend significantly less credits on LinkedIn and therefore source candidates in much more cost-efficient methods.

Training New Recruiters

When training people – especially during the pandemic and remote working – it was difficult to get people up to speed. However, with all information being centralised by SourceBreaker, it became significantly easier to share lists, actively teach recruiters how to use the product, and all the while provide real-time examples of previous searches.

Scarce Candidate Availability

With SourceBreaker, recruiters can source exclusive candidates and job postings that other platforms wouldn’t have access to and therefore, would have otherwise missed.

The Password Problem

Every recruiter’s experienced it, with so many job boards at your fingertips its no wonder you forget your passwords and waste time resetting them regularly… but with SourceBreaker’s centralised platform, everything from candidate lists, to job boards, and market insights are available in one place and in real-time. What’s not to love?

Would Tiro Partners recommend SourceBreaker?

Absolutely not and especially not to their competitors, apparently there’s too much of a competitive edge to be won by gatekeeping. Because of the high volume of candidates and jobs found via SourceBreaker, the fill rate has been insane and it’s something Tiro Partners haven’t seen for “25 years, so it must be a testament to something.”

Looking for that competitive edge?

Whether you’re a brand new recruitment agency looking to dip their foot in the candidate pool or a fully-fledged enterprise business wanting to secure only the best candidates, SourceBreaker has a combination of growing tools and technologies to optimise, streamline, and strengthen your recruitment strategy.


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