Maximising ROI from RecTech

To help buyers of advanced recruitment software develop a winning ROI strategy, SourceBreaker partnered with experts from leading tech vendors Bullhorn, Hinterview, JobAdder, CloudCall, BarclayJones, Volcanic and Odro, to build the ultimate guide to maximising returns on technology investments.

Productivity Hacks

No matter what natural skill you have as a recruiter, optimising your productivity drives results, boosts your output and increases revenue. We’ve put together a conclusive guide to get the most out of the day for you and your team.

The SourceBreaker Guide To Accelerating Recruiter Ramp-up

Getting new recruits up to speed as quickly as possible is critical for all recruitment businesses.

In our guide, we explore each of these to give the full round-up of how to implement each of these seamlessly into your business or team.