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Beat your competition to top candidates

Source more exclusive candidates, book more interviews per job and slash the time it takes new hires to master your niche.

SourceBreaker’s award-winning AI-driven search platform is the perfect human-technology partnership, enabling powerful multi-source candidate searches supported by intelligent SourceBot [link] workflow automations.

Leverage cutting-edge Machine Learning technology to consistently uncover hidden profiles that other agencies miss, while your team spends more time building high-value relationships and generating placements.


Search Builder

SourceBreaker’s smart search technology is driven by a unique AI-powered query builder, giving you instant access to thousands of job title and keyword variants, synonyms, acronyms and pre-built company lists.

Build and share laser-accurate searches in seconds, eliminating omissions and human error from your
search process to discover placeable profiles that
your competitors miss.


Multi-source Search

See all your search results in one place.
With deep integrations across leading CRM platforms and candidate databases, SourceBreaker fits seamlessly into your existing candidate sourcing stack.

Run advanced searches across your CRM, LinkedIn and third-party CV databases from a single screen. Review aggregated results in an intuitive list and easily see which candidates your teammates have already viewed.

See which candidates are already in your CRM or easily add new profiles to your database with a single click.

Spend more time engaging placeable candidates and less time switching between browser tabs, logins and applications.


Smart Tech

Leverage intelligent workflow technology to drive search productivity to the next level.

SourceBreaker’s SmartSearch feature refines and modifies your search queries on the fly while automatically excluding previously-seen results, letting your team quickly adjust searches to focus purely on fresh candidate profiles.

SourceBots [link] deliver an ongoing pipeline of perfect-match candidates around the clock, with real-time alerts the instant new profiles enter the market.



Give your recruiters a game-changing competitive advantage

Build powerful workflows that [turbocharge?] recruiter performance across sales and sourcing, winning and filling jobs with speed and consistency that gives your team a powerful edge over the competition.

Automated SourceBots deliver up-to-the-minute alerts and opportunities around the clock, from hot job leads to the best hidden candidates the instant they come onto the market.


Candidate Alerts

Be the first to react as soon as high-quality candidates become available across any of your sourcing platforms, powered by deep-dive searches that run 24/7.

Market-scanning SourceBots discover every relevant candidate within your niche, while search-specific
alerts mean you never miss a critical profile for
high-priority assignments.


Job Leads

Build comprehensive market intelligence systems to track every relevant vacancy in your space, winning more jobs and building your client base faster.

Get notified of every new role across your existing client base, target account lists or scan leads by advanced job title and keyword searches.


Market Insights

Be first off the mark to win current or upcoming opportunities in your sector.

Follow salary trends, funding rounds and market news across active and prospective customers, allowing your recruiters to stand apart from the competition with highly informed client approaches and engagements.


Accelerate your revenue with the SourceBreaker Search & Match platform, powered by AI technology

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