Launched in 2020 by founder Scott Williams, Food Recruit invested early in SourceBreaker as a critical pillar in their technology stack, using the platform’s automation and market intelligence to rapidly win business away from bigger agencies with larger teams and resources across Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Operations, Engineering, HR & Finance within the international food and beverage sector.


Kidderminster, UK




Food & Beverage

You can do what I used to do – sit on LinkedIn all day long – or you can invest in SourceBreaker. One placement and it pays for itself. I recommend it to all other agency owners.


Entering a competitive market without the sales and resourcing teams of established recruitment agencies, Food Recruit needed a speed advantage over other agencies to consistently identify and win new business opportunities before the competition.


SourceBreaker allowed Food Recruit to build an automated lead generation pipeline, delivering newly-published vacancies in the company’s specialist niche directly to the founder’s inbox every morning. 

Leads are sourced directly from target company career pages, allowing Food Recruit to be first to engage clients and prospects as soon as they were ready to hire. Competitor agencies who rely on third-party job boards and listings for leads often miss these leads or are unable to respond as quickly.

SourceBreaker ensures I don’t miss any opportunity. Some of my target customers post 20-30 jobs per week, and I just need one opportunity to get on the PSL and in the door. I haven’t got time to scour the internet manually, so SourceBreaker does that for me.


Food Recruit has won new customers from a target list of high-potential clients, with each new blue-chip partnership building the Food Recruit brand and making it easier to bring on other large clients. 

The founder has also dramatically reduced the amount of time spent collecting leads from hundreds of different websites, a task which had previously taken up to a full day, and often meant leads weren’t contacted until the following day. 

This has freed up more time to spend on sourcing, ensuring the right candidates are submitted to each role, leading to a higher CV : placement ratio and an increase in placement volume.

What used to take me hours late into the evenings is now done for me with the click of a button. Using SourceBreaker is like having a personal assistant.


In a highly specialist sector, Food Recruit needed a way to monetise every placeable candidate within their network. With no technology solution in place, connecting active job-seekers with potential opportunities was a manual process, slow and highly error-prone, resulting in inconsistent placement flow and missed revenue opportunity.


Using SourceBreaker, Food Recruit has fully automated the matching process. Each time a placeable, active candidate enters their network, they build an automated alert around the candidate’s location, skill set, salary and industry type. As soon as a matching vacancy is published online, the founder is alerted and can make the introduction.


Food Recruit has added additional revenue from active candidates to their existing search-based workflows, taking their overall ROI on their SourceBreaker investment to 8x.

The candidate matching automation has also assisted with business development, giving Food Recruit a perfect opportunity to contact new customers with vetted, well-matched candidates ready to introduce.

SourceBreaker is unique. So many other RecTech products are hit and miss. I went with SourceBreaker because of the quality of the data, the leads and the impact of the automation.


Food Recruit has been able to win new customers faster, reduce time spent on manual lead generation and increase placement volume by introducing SourceBreaker. 

The platform gives the founder more time back into his day to spend on engaging and placing candidates, while the sales funnel is continually refreshed and fed by automated alerts and opportunities to place active candidates. 

Food Recruit has also focused on companies with recent investment, using SourceBreaker’s sales intelligence module. This has meant faster connection with companies who have cash to reinvest in growth, looking to upskill and grow their teams rapidly. 

‘As a new start-up with a baby on the way, launching Food Recruit was all about working smarter,’ says founder Scott Williams. ‘It all comes down to time. With SourceBreaker, I can focus on doing my job – and that’s filling roles. SourceBreaker integrates with the rest of my tech stack perfectly – SourceBreaker fills up the funnel, and the rest of my tools help me convert it into placements.’