Since launching in 2020, Mirai Talent have used SourceBreaker to gain vital early market traction as they support some of the fastest-growing companies in the highly competitive technology and digital sectors.


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Technology & Digital

You don’t realise how good SourceBreaker is until you have to work without it!


After launching during the 2020 Covid pandemic, Mirai Talent wanted to build a best-in-class technology stack to allow them to quickly build revenue and grow their team in a notoriously candidate-short market. 

Speed to market and the ability to consistently uncover high-quality candidates that other agencies didn’t find were essential.


SourceBreaker gave Mirai the tools to outpace their competitors across a range of key areas. Automated SourceBots ensure consultants are first to engage new placeable as soon as they come on the market, ahead of competitor agencies. 

SourceBreaker’s integrated workflow also means that no placeable candidates are ‘lost in the cracks’ between different job board platforms, with consultants shortlisting every relevant candidate across all sources directly to the job.

“We’re really proud of the tech stack we have – we mention SourceBreaker in our job adverts to attract new candidates and feature it in pitch decks to clients”


Using SourceBreaker allowed Mirai’s leadership team to build a scalable candidate search workflow that ensures new hires quickly find and engage all potentially placeable candidates in their niche, leading directly to increased consistency and volume of billings.  

SourceBreaker also revolutionised the way consultants build searches, using pre-built lists of market-leading companies across different industry sectors to hone in on perfectly-matched profiles, resulting in increased submission : placement ratios.  

The ability to search rapidly across job boards also allowed Mirai to build up revenue in the contractor space where LinkedIn responsive times were too slow for the fast pace of the market, with 100% of Mirai’s contract candidates being sourced through SourceBreaker.


As a growing start-up, Mirai also needed a way to stand out in their new business development campaigns in a highly competitive space, positioning themselves as a quality-focused agency delivering a highly personalised service.


SourceBreaker’s market intelligence tools equipped the Mirai team with valuable information on investment, corporate events, news stories and awards relating to each potential prospect, allowing them to craft custom pitches and approaches that were both timely and relevant.


Using SourceBreaker the Mirai sales team were able to simulate hours of research for each prospect engagement with just a few clicks inside the SourceBreaker platform. 

Consultants are able to engage customers when ‘buying signals’ are high, and show awareness of each company’s scenario and trajectory which sets them apart from the competition.

We pride ourselves on a personal service. Rather than blanket outreach, we’re working with extra information on each prospect that allows us to show an informed, personal touch.


Working with SourceBreaker allowed Mirai’s founders to confidently hire for their start-up with a robust set of scalable technology workflows that increase critical recruiter performance metrics across search accuracy, speed-to-market and submission to placement. 

The technology also gave the company a vital differentiating edge in new business efforts, allowing consultants at all experience levels to approach prospective customers with well-informed approaches triggered by intent data. 

SourceBreaker has also made a significant impact on the company’s ability to attract talented new employees, with ambitious recruiters keen to work with the market’s most advanced sales and sourcing toolkit and attracted by the knowledge that they will have the SourceBreaker platform from day one.