Next Ventures use SourceBreaker to improve their business processes, putting all CV databases onto one platform and expanding their access to quality candidates. This not only allows the team to increase productivity and streamline their systems in a competitive environment, but also helps them to make more of the calls that count to drive revenue.







If someone had offered me this tool when I was a consultant, I would have bit their hand off.


Recruitment is one of the most competitive sales environments out there. To stay ahead as a business, Next Ventures know that it’s crucial to look for the products and technology that can give them the edge against their competitors.


Next Ventures opted to implement SourceBreaker, allowing all of their CV database searching and business development tools onto a single platform. SourceBreaker also makes use of artificial intelligence to improve candidate pools by over 200% and completely automates the search and match process with the SourceBot feature.

“Since using SourceBreaker we are now 33% more productive in candidate search.”


Implementing SourceBreaker helps give Next Ventures multiple advantages against the competition, the stand out ones being efficiency and speed. This ultimately allows Next Ventures to further drive their revenue, and deliver better for their clients.

“SourceBreaker gives us the efficiency, speed and simplicity to beat the competition.”


Like many recruitment agencies, Next Ventures knew that constructing a process to fit in everything that comes with a recruiter’s role can be a real obstacle when it comes to productivity. After all, in recruitment time is nearly always the biggest constraint. One of the biggest challenges is the need to search through multiple different sources in the most efficient way possible, without missing any candidates.


With SourceBreaker, Next Ventures are now able to run their search across four or five different sources at the same time powered with all the additional search terms, instead of regularly switching between multiple tabs. The SourceBot feature then automates this process meaning their consultants can be first to market.


Not only does this result in an increase in productivity and candidate generation for Next Ventures, but so too does it allow the process to become more automated and streamlined. This increase has allowed Next Ventures to go from making 30 candidate calls a day to now making 45-50, ultimately converting to significant increases in revenue.

“Why would you not want to come in in the morning and have alerts with all the new candidate CVs?”


All in all, Next Ventures have been able to increase productivity, candidate generation and ultimately, revenue from their implementation of SourceBreaker. Next Ventures explained that even whilst they use “a lot of different suppliers, from job boards to other tech products[,] the training and support from SourceBreaker is the best”, highlighting the ease of implementation and the quality of support that SourceBreaker ensures. 

According to their mission statement, ‘Next Ventures are determined to be the best source of niche technology talent to large enterprises’. Next Ventures Director, Stephen Martin, stated that SourceBreaker helps Next Ventures achieve this by covering the “CV databases better, therefore delivering the quality our candidates and clients need”