Founded in 2000, Premier Group an IT, Engineering and Digital recruitment firm use SourceBreaker to boost their success in being the first to source candidates and clients across their UK and US offices.


5 locations across UK & USA




IT, Engineering and Digital

The ROI with SourceBreaker has been amazing. In our first year of using the platform, we had over 30x ROI from the initial investment. Additionally, over the last quarter, we can attribute the success of over 25% of our placements – be that from the candidate side or the client side – to SourceBreaker. For us, across all the technology we’re utilising, SourceBreaker far outweighs everything else.

What was your initial reason for using SourceBreaker?

For us, SourceBreaker came along and offered us something that was completely unique in the market, something that we’d not seen before. It was a technology platform that would allow us to get consultants up and performing quicker, easier and giving us a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Ultimately, it’s a product that really just allowed us to see and track direct ROI from the products and its usage on a day-to-day basis.

What are the main goals that using SourceBreaker helps you to accomplish?

For us the product really drives two areas of the business. On the candidate piece, it allows us to really home in on Boolean searches and just give us more access to candidates in the marketplace that we couldn’t find normally. It also allows us to get our trainees up to speed a lot quicker by sharing detailed Boolean searches from the experienced consultants. We have seen a real direct increase in ROI from our trainee employees because of SourceBreaker. On the second side is the client piece. Just by coming in in the morning, the consultants have some hot job leads that they can go and search straight away.

In what way is SourceBreaker able to make life easier for your consultants and generate more profit?

The feedback we have from our consultants around SourceBreaker is fantastic, and I think that’s shown by the usage stats. Over 95% of our consultants use SourceBreaker on a day-to-day basis, which again speaks volumes for itself. It saves them time in terms of doing Boolean searches and it saves them time in terms of going to market to find jobs and find leads. It’s a platform that puts everything under one roof, allowing them to do their jobs more effectively.

How has SourceBreaker enabled you to get more out of your CRM?

Premier Group use Bullhorn as our CRM. Over the last 20 years, we have obviously built up a vast candidate database. One of the things that SourceBreaker has allowed us to do is really tap into that candidate database in a lot more detail and find candidates that we wouldn’t normally find with the Bullhorn search. 

What was your process prior to using SourceBreaker and what were the main pain points?

Prior to using SourceBreaker, even as a very technology-focussed business, we had a lot of different systems running separately, meaning that the consultants had more time in their day wasted, that could be spent selling. So since SourceBreaker came on board, it’s been really good to have everything all under one roof with a single sign-on.

We also found that when trainee consultants were coming into the business, it was taking a lot of time from both the senior leadership team and also our trainers in the company to really get consultants up to speed in terms of understanding their marketplace and being able to find the correct candidates for the brief. SourceBreaker has managed to turn that on its head. The senior consultants can pass down information very quickly through the platform and the turnaround time in terms of our rookie consultants finding good candidates in the market place was reduced dramatically.

What further impact has SourceBreaker had on new starters within your business?

We’ve done some analysis around rookies coming into the business since we’ve implemented SourceBreaker. One of the key factors that we saw since implementing was a high increase in productivity: about 15-20k per consultant higher on their yearly revenue. And the second thing that we found was that SourceBreaker was a factor in reducing their first deal timescale from 6.2 weeks to 3.4. We believe that’s mainly down to the implementation of the Boolean searching, allowing them to understand the candidate marketplace a lot quicker and easier.

What processes were put in place to ensure that SourceBreaker would be adopted within your company?

When we implemented SourceBreaker, because we’re split across six different sites, it was really important for us that we got good adoption for the product. We therefore made sure we had a ‘super user’ across each of those sites, as well as making sure the senior leadership team were fully bought into it, that they’ve seen the demo and understood there was a serious return of investment that could be gained from the product. 

One of the things we find to be incredibly good with SourceBreaker was not just the initial implementation as you would find with any technology that we put into the business, but it’s the aftercare and follow up process after that that really makes a difference. SourceBreaker are always on hand, not just through webinars but also through face-to-face meetings and coming down to all of our sites across the UK and the US to offer one-on-one support.

What are your key metrics for success when looking at the product?

With any technology we have in the business, once we’ve implemented it, we then constantly monitor ROI and how it is effectively being utilised in the business. We do this not just from the start but on a monthly, quarterly, yearly basis to make sure it is consistently adding value to our business. SourceBreaker has been incredible from the start, delivering ROI from day one. In our first year of using the platform, we had over 30x ROI from the initial investment. And then some recent figures, both on looking from where are candidates and clients are being generated, 25% of our business over the last quarter had SourceBreaker against its name. So, without a doubt, it’s delivered some fantastic results for our business.

As an early adopter of SourceBreaker, how have you seen it evolve over the years?

One of the things that we really noticed about the business is that they’re constantly evolving, looking to transform the product and add extra value. We’ve worked with some tech companies previously where they very much sell you a product and that product is the same for the next two or three years. SourceBreaker aren’t like that at all. They’re constantly developing, constantly innovating, and they’re coming to us as well to look for suggestions on how to make the platform an even better product.