AI in recruitment: how it’s changing the way we hire

AI is revolutionising the world of recruitment. From hiring and identifying candidates to qualifying them, AI has significantly impacted how we find and engage candidates who are perfect for the job.

How AI can revolutionise your recruitment process

AI can be used to automate almost any recruitment workflow and can even be applied to various stages of the hiring process, from sourcing or screening applicants to onboarding them into their new position.


This type of automation has been a much-needed solution for companies looking for ways to cut costs without having to compromise on the quantity or quality of candidates. AI has also helped with diversity as many companies have found that they can reach a broader audience quicker.

How does it work?

The tech works by taking in all the information about potential employees into one system and deciding how well they fit the criteria set out by the recruitment agency, on behalf of their client. It uses cognitive learning algorithms to help people find jobs and can even be used as an automated applicant-tracking system.


AI can automate many tasks involved with finding and screening candidates, from sifting through resumes to conducting phone screenings. Some AI can even create personalised interview questions tailored specifically to each candidate’s skillset and experience, using algorithms to ask questions that are more targeted and less biased than human recruiters could ever be.

Because the recruitment industry relies heavily on data, implementing artificial intelligence was a natural evolution welcomed by many companies.


AI in recruitment has been around for a while, but only recently has it been implemented at scale. That’s because neural networks, which are at the core of all contemporary AI technologies, require vast amounts of information to be trained correctly.


However, since making technological advancements in recent years, these AI-assisted tools are in a better position as high-quality data is readily available. This in turn means contemporary artificial intelligence is considerably more powerful than any other pre-existing system, making it an incredible addition to any recruitment agency’s tech stack.

The drawbacks of AI in recruitment

While there are various benefits to using AI, there are also some challenges to consider before making an informed decision.

Inability to Feel

AI doesn’t understand nuance, emotion, or social context cues that recruiters naturally pick up on. For example, an AI could never truly understand the sentiment behind a piece of writing from a candidate to know whether they are being sincere or sarcastic.

Lack of Cultural Understanding

These systems are intelligent but would struggle to place a candidate with a company based on cultural fit or make decisions based on the nuances of society or culture.

Humans & AI: A Symbiotic Duo

While it may not have the emotional intelligence or cultural understanding that human recruiters possess, it still provides tremendous value when used in conjunction with human recruiters.


By using AI as a tool to support their efforts, recruiters can find the best candidates faster and more efficiently, ultimately improving the quality of hires for their clients.

So how does AI empower recruiters?

As AI becomes more advanced, it has become a more viable option for companies to use when recruiting candidates and with excellent cause. When leveraging AI, the possibilities are endless, and with opportunities to streamline every aspect of the recruitment process, the results start speaking for themselves.

Maximises Productivity

Machine learning and AI can calculate data points such as the candidate experience of over a thousand clients in just a few minutes, something that would traditionally take weeks of human labour. By saving time and allowing recruiters to focus on value-generating tasks like candidate engagement and lead generation, your team(s) can maximise their productivity.

Combats Unconscious Bias

When it comes to recruitment, humans tend to adhere to an unconscious bias, may forget specific information, and don’t process data as quickly as AI systems do; meaning it can effectively sift through candidates from an unbiased perspective.


AI is changing how we recruit because it’s making hiring more accessible, efficient, and significantly less costly. With recruiters spending fewer hours on monotonous tasks, they can dedicate their time to more vital revenue-building tasks and produce better results.

Provides Effective Reporting

AI can read, review, and compile collected information into comprehensible reports accessible by HR professionals, managers, or recruiters, empowering them to make hiring decisions more confidently than ever before.

Leveraging AI with SourceBreaker

The recruitment industry has come a long way since its humble beginnings, and AI is a powerful new tool that continues driving it forward. That’s because automation and AI can assist, supercharge, and maximise the productivity of recruiters but only if leveraged correctly


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TL;DR Key Takeaways

  • AI is revolutionizing the recruitment industry, from identifying and qualifying candidates to onboarding them.
  • AI can automate recruitment workflows, helping companies cut costs while reaching a broader audience faster, improving diversity.
  • AI uses cognitive learning algorithms to help find jobs, sift through resumes, conduct phone screenings, and even create personalized interview questions.
  • AI became more popular as high-quality data became available, making contemporary AI technologies more powerful.
  • While AI lacks emotional intelligence and cultural understanding, it provides tremendous value when used in conjunction with human recruiters.
  • AI empowers recruiters by maximizing productivity, combating unconscious bias, being cost-efficient, and providing effective reporting.
  • Leveraging AI with tools like SourceBreaker can assist, supercharge, and maximize the productivity of recruiters.