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Win More Clients & Double Your Candidate Pool in 2023 with Bullhorn and SourceBreaker

SourceBreaker Exclusive Webinar

With candidate acquisition and being able to win more clients being two of the top five priorities for recruitment agencies this year (2022 GRID Report), agency owners are increasingly directing their attention towards innovative recruitment technology as a pivotal solution to these recruitment challenges.

Maximising ROI from RecTech: Delivering Long Term Value

SourceBreaker Exclusive Webinar

In the final series session, we were joined by three speakers who shared their secrets of consolidating early enthusiasm into long-term ROI, generating scalable success from your tech systems.

Maximising ROI from RecTech: Dream Teams & Cheerleaders

SourceBreaker Exclusive Webinar

In this webinar, we were joined by three speakers who explored ways to ace the training and onboarding process, using tried-and-tested methods to make sure your tech becomes quickly embedded in high-value workflows across your business.

Maximising ROI from RecTech: Building the Tech Buzz

SourceBreaker Exclusive Webinar

Learn how to make maximum use of the time between signing your contract and going live, building the tech buzz around your upcoming investment and plotting a roadmap for a flawless rollout.

Accelerate Talent Search & Lower Costs

SourceBreaker Exclusive Webinar

Today’s economic landscape means the cost to operate a successful recruitment firm has increased exponentially and now, recruitment leaders are looking for new ways to accelerate talent search and maximise impact while keeping costs down.

Future Proof Your RecTech Investments: Embracing Change To Maximise ROI

SourceBreaker Exclusive Webinar

Join Steve Beckitt (SourceBreaker's CEO) and Caro Ruttledge (Gate One's Change Lead) to discuss how the 4 pillars of change management can be applied to your business strategy in a bid to maximise success and ROI in your digital transformation journey.

Why Business Development Should Be On Every Recruitment Agency’s Agenda

SourceBreaker Exclusive Webinar

With the market beginning to level out, many rookie consultants who are new to the industry will suddenly be in uncharted territory and therefore have to adjust to new ways of working to succeed. This is where business development (BD) comes in. The secret is - agencies should never have diverted their energy away from BD strategies in the first place.

How Primis used SourceBreaker & Vincere to Scale

SourceBreaker Exclusive Webinar

Watch SourceBreaker's CRO, Adam Dale, and Vincere's Director of Growth, Eloise Sutton-Kirkby, as they discuss how the SourceBreaker & Vincere integration empowers recruitment firms to drive revenue, fuel growth, and attract the very best talent.

Your Automation Strategy – Lessons Learned from a Leading Recruitment Agency

SourceBreaker Exclusive Webinar

In this webinar, Bullhorn and SourceBreaker share how Austin Fraser, a recruitment agency operating throughout the UK, Europe, and the US, set themselves a mission to utilise AI and automation to spend more time on building valuable relationships to beat the competition.


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