Improving the Candidate Experience in Recruitment

Improving the candidate experience is a crucial component of any recruitment agency’s success, large or small.


It’s no secret candidates are the heart and soul of the business, and ensuring they receive a certain level of support and communication throughout the process is vital, otherwise, you could risk losing them to competitors or worse… their bad experience reflects poorly on your company’s reputation.


And in recruitment, reputation is everything.

So what is the candidate experience?

From your initial communication to the way you manage their progression and feedback, the candidate experience encompasses every interaction you have with your prospects.


There are a variety of factors that can contribute to a positive candidate experience during the recruitment process and below are a few examples to help you in optimising yours.

Understanding Your Candidates

Start building professional relationships with candidates to better understand their wants, needs and their previous experience so you can best match them to any open roles you may have.

Informative Job Descriptions

Lack of organisation can negatively affect the candidate experience, so make sure that you aren’t guilty of providing vague job descriptions and include an adequate amount of information for each spec you send out to candidates.

Streamlined Interview Processes

Aim to provide as much information detailing the interview process as possible, so candidates are kept up to speed with each stage and can prepare accordingly.

Follow-up Communications

It’s important to maintain regular communication throughout the recruitment process to ensure candidates are kept in the loop at all times and there is a mutual understanding of each step.


Even if the candidate does not quite make it to the final stages of a specific role it’s good to keep in touch, as well as let them know if the role has been filled.


A great way to improve your communication throughout the recruiting process is to personalise your interactions. Rethink traditional plain-text emails and start including interview confirmation emails with additional details.

Feedback and Review

Receiving feedback around your hiring process can help you improve in areas you might not be currently excelling at, as well as understand how you are being received by candidates. All you have to do is request feedback from candidates you’ve interviewed. It can even be a simple survey created for free with tools like SurveyMonkey or SurveySparrow.

Improving Candidate Experience With SourceBreaker

At SourceBreaker, we’re dedicated to catering the best experiences for candidates and recruiters alike, offering everything from extensive candidate pools, market insights, candidate lists, and endless integrations with international companies like BullHorn, Vincere, and JobAdder.


With instant real-time candidate information at the recruiter’s fingertips, they can source, shortlist, place, and contact candidates in a personalised and engaging way.


SourceBreaker’s intel centre also provides updated company information in real-time, including access to recent funding rounds, relevant news articles, and a detailed breakdown of insights for recruiters to use in candidate outreach.


In fact, the platform’s intuitive lead finder makes it remarkably easier to present various high-value offers to candidates alongside any relevant insights to help inform their interactions.


If you’re still unsure just how much better your candidate experience could be, book a demo with SourceBreaker and uncover everything our unified platform has to offer you.

TL;DR Key Takeaways

  • A positive candidate experience is crucial to the success of a recruitment agency.
  • The candidate experience encompasses every interaction with prospects.
  • Building professional relationships with candidates is key to understanding their needs.
  • Informative job descriptions and clear communication during the interview process help to streamline the experience.
  • Regular follow-up communications and personalised interactions can improve communication.
  • Requesting feedback from candidates can help improve the hiring process.
  • SourceBreaker offers a unified platform that provides extensive candidate pools, market insights, and integrations with international companies to improve candidate and recruiter experiences.