Maximising your SourceBreaker Investment

Your SourceBreaker investment isn’t just the technology you’re licensing; it’s the SourceBreaker onboarding, training, and support experience designed for improved recruiter success and to maximise the way your business operates.


To guarantee success, SourceBreaker’s Customer Success team works proactively with each client to build bespoke, long-term partnerships and drive maximum adoption of the SourceBreaker platform, providing support for all stakeholders within the organisation, from recruiters to decision makers.


By ensuring your internal teams know how to utilise tools effectively in daily workflows, you’ll be able to maximise both short and long-term ROIs, achieve wider business objectives, and reliably track results.

The SourceBreaker Process

So if you’re looking to maximise both your short and long-term ROI, SourceBreaker’s support staff are ready to help you optimise.

1. Success Strategy Session

Before kickstarting the onboarding process, a dedicated Customer Success Manager will run a Success Strategy session with your business to understand what success looks like for your specific organisation and corporate objectives.


Whether it’s revenue growth, headcount growth, increasing placements per recruiter or diversifying your markets, we’ll prepare a custom onboarding journey uniquely tailored to your goals.

2. Bespoke Platform Customisation

Before going live on the platform, our team will fully customise your SourceBreaker environment, configuring it to fit your teams and markets, as well as integrating with your existing technology stack.

3. Onsite Training Sessions & a SourceBreaker Academy

Training sessions are highly interactive, with teams logging in with the CSM to see SourceBreaker in action on live searches from the start, seeing immediate impact and results. Along with a monthly management check-in, your teams will have access to frequent workshops and weekly training boosters, all aimed at helping SourceBreaker users take their results to the next level.

And that’s not all, we even have our own self-directed SourceBreaker Academy which allows your team(s) to supercharge their platform usage whenever they like, wherever they like.

4. Using the Platform

Getting started with SourceBreaker is split into two sections, each focusing on a separate functionality area:

Candidate Acquisition — How to uncover more candidates and increase your candidate pools
Business Development — Find more opportunities to place your candidates and win new business faster

5. Driving Adoption

Once live, your CSM will actively drive the adoption of SourceBreaker across your business, working directly with users, managers, sponsors and business leaders to provide the operational data needed to secure maximum engagement.


To ensure that everyone involved in the rollout sees and understands the impact of the platform, we provide training and ongoing support on how to accurately track and celebrate both wins and ROI from the outset.

6. Maximising ROI

Your CSM will regularly present back to you to help continually push ROI from your investment, analysing usage, wins and top performers, as well as identifying under-used elements of the platform and developing solutions, including custom training sessions.

7. EBRs

Our annual Executive Business Reviews track the impact of SourceBreaker’s technology on your key business objectives, providing a detailed ROI analysis that frames your technology investment within the context of your core business goals.

The SourceBreaker Impact

SourceBreaker was born in the recruitment industry – built by recruiters, for recruiters. We know the pain of purchasing exciting technology only to be let down by disappointing onboarding experiences, slow customer support and poor user adoption of new tools.


That’s why we invest heavily in ensuring that you get clear, measurable ROI from your investment, guided by a dedicated CSM team working actively with your business to deliver tangible results and ongoing success.

1. True partnership

A bespoke support experience tailored to your markets, your team and your agency; SourceBreaker prides itself on forging strong working partnerships with our clients and we always aim to deliver on our promises.

2. Aligned to your business goals

We are committed to assisting our clients in their plans to grow, while also striving for personal excellence and self-improvement. By directly tracking SourceBreaker’s impact on the KPIs that matter most to your performance, we’re able to provide you with an insight into your existing processes.

3. Long-term view

Committed to working with you actively for the lifetime of your subscription. We endeavour to bring new creative ideas and tools to the marketplace and never to stand still.

Getting Started With SourceBreaker

If you’re raring to start your digital transformation or optimise your current one, SourceBreaker is the unified recruitment platform for you.


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