Leveraging AI in Recruitment: How Tech Layoffs Create Opportunity

In light of the recent tech layoffs, recruiters (and therefore candidates) have been presented with a unique opportunity to leverage AI-powered recruitment technology to assist laid-off candidates in landing their dream roles and supercharge their search by empowering their team(s) with lightning-quick results.

Tech Layoff in Numbers

According to stats compiled by layoffs, 50,000+ employees across 185+ tech companies have been laid off in January alone, with tech giants like Google, Meta, Amazon, and Microsoft laying off a total of 10,000 – 12,000 employees each in the last few months.


However, while this can be an overwhelming and difficult experience for those affected, it also provides those candidates with the opportunity to break into fresh roles that are more suited to their skill sets, cultural expectations, and align more with their current lives.

What Mass Layoffs Mean for Recruiters

According to a report published by NashSquared, 52% of respondents expect tech budgets to increase in 2023, a positive sign for the recruitment industry, as it suggests that companies will be looking to hire and invest in new people and tech.


But how does this benefit recruiters?


It’s because AI-powered recruitment technology, like our all-in-one SourceBreaker platform, can help recruiters take advantage of this influx of job-seekers through streamlined sourcing, automated lead generation, and informed candidate outreach.


By allowing your team(s) to source candidates at lightning-quick speeds, you’ll be sure to beat your competition to new sales opportunities, stay ahead of the curve, and ensure you capitalise on the layoffs.


Not only is this beneficial for recruiters, but it also ensures that candidates are paired with lucrative roles that match their skill sets – all of which is especially important in today’s economy, where candidates may be tempted to take any job they can find out of desperation.

RecTech a Solution to Tech Layoffs

Rectech assists recruiters in sourcing candidates quickly and efficiently but also helps improve the overall recruitment process. Recruiters can use AI to automate tasks such as resume screening, scheduling interviews, and conducting initial candidate assessments – saving your team(s) significant time and resources while still effectively screening candidates.


Another major benefit of SourceBreaker – or any recruitment technology – is its ability to use algorithms and data to make decisions instead of relying on human judgement, therefore reducing unconscious bias and promoting a fair and equitable recruitment process for all candidates alike.


Moreover, these technologies can also provide laid-off candidates with a more personalised job search experience. With SourceBreaker, recruiters can receive targeted job recommendations based on their candidate’s skills and qualifications, with real-time updates on the status of their applications.


This streamlines the candidate’s job search process and improves the chances of securing them the right role, something incredibly important to someone who’s just been laid off and may be in a difficult position.

Layoffs Don’t Have To Be Terrifying

In summary, the tech layoffs present candidates with a chance at a fresh start somewhere more suitable for them and recruiters with an opportunity to source top talent quickly and efficiently, and AI-powered recruitment tools provide an effective way to take advantage of this situation. By streamlining tasks, reducing bias, and providing a personalised job search experience, AI-powered recruitment tools can help recruiters to find the best candidates for open roles, more quickly and efficiently.

TL;DR Key Takeaways

Tech layoffs have created new opportunities for recruiters to find top talent
AI-powered recruitment technology can help recruiters take advantage of the influx of job-seekers
AI can reduce bias in the hiring process and provide a more personalised job search experience for candidates
AI-powered recruitment tools can help companies find the best candidates more quickly and efficiently, leading to improved retention rates and a better candidate experience.