Maximising Recruiter Output with Candidate Lists

SourceBreaker believes in equipping recruitment agencies with the best technology. When considering the latest platform updates, we aim to cater to the wants and needs of the recruitment industry but more importantly, the features requested by our users.


It’s the SourceBreaker ethos. To continue improving our offerings and evolving as the market does, allowing us to ensure each and every update is more useful, intuitive, and value-generating than the last.


The latest product of this continuous improvement process is Candidate Lists. An intuitive feature designed to increase productivity and reduce the time spent searching for the perfect candidate by keeping track of candidates useful for future roles.

Introducing SourceBreaker Candidate Lists

Streamline your candidate qualification process, and optimise candidate experiences with SourceBreaker’s candidate list feature, allowing for improved candidate management, and effective collaborative recruitment.


Create, add to, and share candidate lists with just one click, complete with the opportunity to send candidates directly to internal databases integrated directly with SourceBreaker.

How Candidate Lists Benefit Recruiters

Candidate lists allow recruiters to improve their data integrity, ensuring that any and all candidates can be found, reviewed, and qualified before they’re moved into your recruiter database.

Improve Data Integrity

Candidate lists enable your recruiters to improve their data quality, by providing a dedicated area of the platform for candidates they might want to come back to later. This makes the process of qualifying candidates smoother and ensures that only top-quality candidates are parsed through to internal databases.

Maximise Existing Resources

While the SourceBreaker results page already presents all data scraped from various job boards in an aggregated, easy-to-review page, Candidate Lists take this one step further.


With this feature, recruiters are able to shortlist only the best candidates from all their sourcing tools combined in one place, enabling them to build call lists, and engage in more informed dialogue with prospects and candidates. This in turn drives exponential value from existing resources, while cutting down the time it takes to place candidates.

Encourage Collaboration

Maximise the time and effort spent on building lists by sharing them with fellow recruiters. This allows for a collaborative approach to recruitment, which in turn provides not only more communication and transparency but also facilitates knowledge-sharing amongst recruiters with different levels of experience.

Optimise Workflows

Organise, prioritise, or work through candidates using the candidate list’s built-in traffic light system, allowing recruiters to label candidates following the system which suits them best (e.g. urgency, value, etc…) – ensuring they allocate time to the correct candidates, at the right times.


The sharing functionality also prevents duplication of work. Using it in conjunction with the ‘Team Activity’ feature – which allows recruiters to see if any of their team members have already viewed or contacted a candidate – as well as the traffic light system allows multiple recruiters to work the same lists and align their goals collaboratively. This in turn streamlines individual teams’ activities, boosting their results and increasing their output.

Revolutionise Your Recruitment Processes with SourceBreaker

SourceBreaker is an award-winning solution with a wide array of functionalities and easy-to-use features covering the entire lead & candidate sourcing process, and we are committed to transforming the way recruiters work.


We evolve our platform by continuously updating existing products and adding new features to match your business’ changing needs, support your recruitment activities and ultimately lead you to success.


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