Automating a Flawless Candidate Experience in Recruitment

Automating a flawless candidate experience can help consultants and agencies edge out the competition by generating an optimal experience every time.

And in talent-short markets, ensuring a high-quality candidate experience can be the difference between success and failure.

Across all recruitment markets, finding the right candidate is only ever part of the puzzle in piecing together a placement and building a successful brand.

As well as the tools and know-how to locate applicant profiles, recruiters also need to be able to consistently deliver an outstanding experience for both active and passive job-seekers in their sectors – tailoring their communication, timing and content to match candidate needs.

But staying on top of every detail is hard work – and even harder as businesses scale up their teams and workflow volumes.

With only manual processes to depend on, cracks soon start to show, and important candidate details and touch-points get lost in the whirlwind of busy agency life.

In contrast, agencies who use automation to repeatedly deliver a first-class experience to their candidates develop the relationships, brand trust and referral networks to out-perform their competition time and time again.

Wondering how automation can make a difference? Here are five ways to win!

Focus on Candidate Relationships

Automating manual tasks across the recruitment process frees up consultants’ time to actually engage with candidates, building rapport and establishing valuable human relationships that ‘time poor’ agencies struggle to develop.

By using technology to automate and accelerate repetitive tasks and low-skill processes, agencies create more time for their teams to invest in quality candidate partnerships that pay back in both the short and long terms.

Communicate Effectively & Consistently

Smart technology platforms provide recruiters with prompts, alerts and triggers, allowing them to engage candidates at the right times with the right message.

Outreach could be triggered by recent news events or market shifts, or by updates made to candidates’ profiles or job-seeker status.

By letting automation scan the market and spot the change signals in the market, recruiters gain the ability to get in touch with candidates at the most relevant times, spiking response and engagement rates.

Maintain Candidate Engagement

While proactively contacting candidates at the right time is important, recruiters also need to make sure that they’re the first people that candidates reach out to when they’re ready to explore new opportunities.

For a recruiter in a low-tech environment, maintaining hundreds of high-quality relationships is extremely difficult.

Without automation systems, it’s almost inevitable that placeable candidates will fail to reach out to their recruiter if they haven’t had recent, relevant contact from them in a while.

In tech-driven agencies, however, automation ensures that both the agency and recruiter personal brand is continually visible to talent communities, positioning specialist recruiters as the first point of consultation for candidates kicking off a job search.

Auto-Pilot Candidate Matching

Automated candidate-placement matching technology doesn’t only enable recruiters to reach candidates when they signal that they’re ready for a career move.

By leveraging this tech, you can ensure consultants can instantly connect candidates with job vacancies across their client network and wider market – even when they’re not actively working to fill those roles.

With the use of automated vacancy scanning and candidate searching tools, niche recruiters can effortlessly spot and create matches between their candidate networks and live vacancies. This additional placement revenue generated from auto-matches adds to your team’s traditional search income and recruiter productivity.

Leverage Data & Actionable Insights

A crucial part of effective relationship-building is storing and accessing data on previous interactions, ensuring a fluid, continuous experience for candidates either with a single or multiple recruiters.

Technology which automatically populates and updates candidate profile data drives informed, up-to-date interactions, building trust and credibility.

Complete and accurate candidate data also enables more robust and accurate searches, which leads to more targeted outreach, higher quality conversations and ultimately higher ROI on recruiter time spent in candidate conversations.

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TL;DR Key Takeaways

  • Automation technology can help recruitment agencies provide a flawless candidate experience, which is crucial in talent-short markets.
  • Automating manual tasks frees up consultants’ time to build valuable human relationships with candidates.
  • Smart technology platforms allow recruiters to communicate with candidates at the right times with the right message, increasing response and engagement rates.
  • Automation ensures that recruiters’ personal brand is continually visible to talent communities, positioning them as the first point of consultation for candidates.
  • Automated candidate-placement matching technology allows consultants to instantly connect candidates with job vacancies, increasing placement revenue and recruiter productivity.
  • Storing and accessing data on previous interactions with candidates leads to more targeted outreach, higher quality conversations, and ultimately higher ROI on recruiter time spent in candidate conversations.